Ecxellent office suite for working online


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The growth of the Internet has meant a reduction in the use of applications that were formerly essential to every computer, such as the office packages like OpenOffice and Microsoft Office.

Zoho is an online applications service that claims to be the best alternative to Google Docs currently in existence, and incorporates an excellent office suite and a good handful of utilities targeted at optimizing your personal productivity and that of your collaborative projects.

Totally free to use and requiring only that you register with an email account, it gives you access to all the available applications.

As already mentioned, the most noteworthy applications on Zoho are the office ones, all of which are completely compatible with documents created in Office or in OpenOffice. Within the range, you have Zoho Writer (text editor), Zoho Sheet (spreadsheets) and Zoho Show (presentations), and you will also find a calendar, a project manager, a block of post-it notes and a webmail service.

From the collaborative point of view, Zoho is in the vanguard. It has its own Wiki, a system for Online Document Management, a file store, chat facility and an application called Zoho Meeting, thanks to which you can hold videoconferences and online meetings with anyone you wish.

Finally, three is no need to worry about being overwhelmed by having so many services in one place, since you don’t have to use them all and the since ease of use of each and every one of the applications is guaranteed by the principle of WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).